Life Lessons I Learned from my Dog, Book

Life Lessons I Learned from my Dog, Book

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Written by Laurie Bowen, B.Ed., C.D.C., M.S.W., R.S.W.

Life Lessons I Learned From My DoG is my memoir told through the lessons I have learned from the dogs I have cherished.  Animals are God’s gift to us and they help us in immeasurable ways, teaching us lessons, if we will only pay attention and hear what the spirit is saying. Each one came into my life at the exact time that I needed them and they changed me in ways that are often difficult to explain.

This book is my way of honouring their spirits, which I believe, are waiting for me, in heaven. They taught me things like: Be Excited When Your Loved One Comes Home, Learn to Love Unconditionally, Be Generous, Stand up For Yourself, all chapters from my book and also from my life.  

My life started out amazingly with my parents who were both officers in the Salvation Army and very much in love but turned tragic before my 2nd birthday and only went down hill from there.  Raised in the background of the church,  I experienced childhood sexual abuse, physical, psychological and emotional abuse, rape and beatings from a "boyfriend" and a 10 year marriage to a Jekyll and Hyde with rage issues.  This has been the landscape of my life until in 2005, I left it all behind and fled from the nightmare called my life.

When I traveled to Ethiopia in 2013 to meet our sponsor daughter on my 50th birthday and work in an orphanage in Kenya, I woke up and realized what all of the suffering had been for.  I discovered my calling, finally, it only took 50 years and this book is the beginning of fulfilling my calling and my destiny.