Time To Liv

Recently, a friend told me about a new and innovative Travel Experience Company called Liv.  It originated in Los Angeles California and my husband, Mark and I have jumped on board!  We think that it is a brilliant way to Liv your life to the fullest.  Right now they are looking for Promoters in Canada as they are getting ready to launch in April 2018.  In a nut shell, it is a membership to exclusive and curated VIP experiences that are cost effective with a chance to earn your membership fee by signing up 3 VIP Promoters!

Check out my website!  www.lauriebowen.timetoliv.com

There are so many benefits to this membership, saving locally on restaurants, museums and even oil changes to saving significantly on airfare, car rental and hotels (110% guarantee), a liv media storage, Premier and VIP also get a free product every 2 months that is being launched as well as access to their own Virtual Assistant 24/7 and then there are the experiences themselves!  Access to events that you normally wouldn't have access to like back stage at a concert or meeting the hockey players of the Montreal Canadians.  Every experience is VIP meaning, there is no waiting in lines, food and beverages are served, you get to meet celebrities, give back to the community you are visiting (travel volunteerism), attend a wellness workshop and have all of the amazing and fun filled hours filled with experiences that are curated just for you and your family and friends!  Best of all, the prices are the lowest possible in the industry so that everyone can travel and Liv their best life!

Mark and I are signing up for the Mother's Day Bahamas Cruise in May 2018 and we are looking for friends and family to join us!

We are not waiting until we are 65 or 70 to start working on the so called bucket list.  We are living now and making our Liv List.  So far we have Jamaica, Amsterdam and England on our list.  Won't you join us?

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