The Brigadoon Restaurant in Oxford Mills

The Beatles are playing in the background as I take a seat alone in this historic place they call the Brigadoon Restaurant.  The building was built by Richard Waugh in 1853 in the quaint village of Oxford Mills an hours drive from the bustling streets of our capital city.  Today I overheard an elderly man tell the waiter that he use to come here as a boy with his mother when it was a general store.  The bar is where the counter was and it is original as are the walls and beams!  Even the tables are made from the old staircase that was demolished in 1900.  It was like he was 7 years old again and recognized everything as it was!  It made me think that this would be a wonderful place for seniors with Alzheimer’s as it would trigger so many memories!  The coat room is a vault from Montreal that was shipped there in the 1800’s.  The dining room is full to overflowing of artifacts  and Knick-knacks for your viewing pleasure!  Oh and the food!  I haven’t even gotten to that part yet!

On this Sunday afternoon I settle for their special Stuffed Chicken Breast with Cranberry Sauce and a Layered Chocolate Expresso cake for dessert!  All for 25.00!  Their menu is vast and varied and can be viewed here:

I am holding my Book Re-Launch Tea Party in their private dining room on Feb. 28 from 11:30 until 2 pm.  I would love for you to come and hear all about what I am up to at Sacred Acres and you never know, there just may be an animal or two for you to meet that day!  We will see (haven’t gotten permission for that yet so stay tuned!)

Come and experience the abience of yesterday when life was less complicated and many problems were solved over a cup of tea!

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