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Farewell High Tea and Book Signing

Farewell High Tea and Book Signing

Join me on Feb 28 at 5 pm for my Farewell High Tea and Book Signing at The Brigadoon Restaurant in Oxford Mills Ontario.  Farewell because I am moving back to Southwestern Ontario to help raise my 4 amazing grandchildren!  Sacred Acres will be relocating there and closing in North Augusta.  Come and share a bittersweet good-bye as I embark on this incredible journey.

As I reflect on the 14 years that I have lived in the Ottawa area I can see how each and every experience has taught me to depend only on myself and God the Creator.  There have been many heartaches and struggles along the way but also love and that is the greatest gift of all.

While I was here I became a Laughter Yoga Leader, an Equine Therapist, Trainer for Montessori Methods for Alzheimer’s and Dementia, A Dance for Parkinson’s Leader, Presentor for Elder Abuse an Author, a Radio Host, a Cannabis Patient and Advocate and a Wife and step-mom. My spirit is free and light and can become weighted down by the negative thoughts and actions of others.  I cannot assist someone in their healing who does not want to be healed. God understands this very well for it is true for all of us.  For my own health and happiness I must go where I am loved and my 4 wee grandchildren are it.  Sacred Acres will have a new location in Windsor Essex County so stay tuned for future updates and announcements! I will always return to North Augusta but the horses are coming with me.  I think they will live the warmer climate!  I am tired of the long drive between us and they need me as much as I need them!

I have held a Cannabis Patient license for 5 years now and for 3 of them I was under investigation with my college due to a complaint made by someone I loved and cared about.  This act of betrayal sent me on a dark path of depression and destruction where I contemplated suicide and tried every pharmaceutical my doctor could provide each one making me feel anxious and agitated and not calm like cannabis does. I burnt out and now I am rising. Trying new things and moving forward with many regrets but lots of valuable lessons.  There is little left for me here now so I am saying “so long catch ya later”, on the anniversary of my dog Kodi’s passing 8 years ago now.

So come to The Brigadoon Restaurant to wish me well over a cup of tea and some fancy sandwiches and sweets! One love!