Sacred Circle Tea Party For Women

I love tea so much, along with the cute little sandwiches and yummy sweets that I thought it would be cool to invite women to join me once a month for some sister time.  I know that women are always over worked and stressed out and rarely take time for themselves.  This is a time set aside for you and creating authentic relationships with other women who are committed toward becoming self-actualized.  Women are suppose to be mentors to each other, the older women, guiding and encouraging the younger ones.  This is a time to reconnect not only with your sisters but also with the Divine, Universe, Creator, God, Jesus, Holy Spirit, Mary etc (you get the picture).  

It starts of course with tea and sandwiches and socializing.  The circle time happens at the end and we sit in a circle and practice prayer, meditation and relaxation exercises while we encourage and support each other.  It is a safe place where your secrets are kept sacred and the time spent will be worth more than diamonds or gold!  Won't you join me?

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