Sacred Acres is Open For Business!

We had our grand opening, a free family event, on Saturday May 26, 2018.  It was a glorious day despite the call for rain! The families came and had their faces painted, went in the inflatable maze, jumped on he trampoline, went down he bouncy slide, ate popcorn and cupcakes and washed it all down with a snow cone! Oh and then there was the balloon artist and of course the miniature horses, Ruby, Opal and Emerald.  They arrived in the pouring rain a year ago and they have enriched our lives and the lives of the clients who come here for therapy.  From he cop with PTSD to the 13 year old girl with autism, the horses do not discriminate. They bring healing and insight to the 5 year old and the 85 year old! Age means nothing to them. Come to the country and discover how horses can lead you toward ultimate healing and peace.  Sacred Acres where we transform lives!

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