Peggy Taillon and The Hera Mission on Real Talk With Laurie - Fri. July 20, 2019 at 2pm EST

I am so excited to interview this amazing woman.  Peggy Taillon is the Founder and CEO of Hera Mission, the charity she started to support widows and orphans in Asembo Bay, Kenya where her son, Devlin was born to his 14 year old birth mother.  Peggy lived in Kenya for 15 months in order to adopt Devlin and made a comittment to his birth mother and her siblings as well as to his community.  Peggy often felt overwhelmed and alone, find out what got her through and how she overcame the negative voices surrounding her.  Tune in to and call in to ask Peggy a question 866-451-1451

Peggy and I have a lot in common as I also traveled to Kenay in 2013 to work in an orphanage and we visited Asembo Bay and provided breakfast for the children.  It really is a small world after all.  Unfortunately Kenya has closed their country to foreign adoptions and the 5 orphans that we sponsored through the Canadians For The Children of Africa live in a corrupt orphanage that professes to be "Christian".  The charity closed its doors in March of 2006 after discovering that they had been lied to and conned for more than 20 years.  Very little of the money donated went to the care of the orphans, instead it went to the head of the organization and her family for the beautiful homes, clothes and cars that they consume, while the orphans get the crumbs, literally left "in the name of Jesus".  Jesus is weeping. 

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