No Respnse is a Response

The above quote is a powerful one but why, after people ignore us or make excuses as to why they can’t attend our events, do we continue to pursue them?  I spent an entire year renting space at a local business and I thought I was part of the “tribe” or at least they said I was.  We even had professional pictures taken to proove it (I paid for them but never used them as I hated what the girl did to my hair!).  But when my birthday arrived, not one of them, was available to come out for supper with me and this happened 2 years in a row.  When I launched my book, held a farewell tea or had a ladies night at the farm, not one of my “tribe” was there to support me!  Ouch!  I bought their products, shared their posts and attended their events but got absolutely nothing in return!  There comes a time when you don’t get mad, you just leave with your head held high and your dignity in tact!  The worlds is full of users, learn to spot them and steer clear but don’t stop being a giver!

It hurts when you realize that your new found friends (ladies who lunch as a matter of fact) are just using you so that you spend money in their store or on their products, donate to their “causes”, buy poorly written books, cupcakes, jewelry etc etc.  Real friends are there for all of your special moments aren’t they?  Heck even my “family” is no where to be found.  So what is one to do when you look around and no one is there.  The people who you thought loved and supported you have gone AWAL and you are left all alone!

Embrace it in all of its glory!  Keep your head high and move forward without them.  Ditch those so called “friends” and walk alone until the true supporters find you and they will you just have to keep letting your light shine.  Do not let women who lunch bring you down.  It is a dog eat dog world so do not expect loyalty or support from anyone but yourself!  It’s a hard lesson to learn but the majority of people are not supportive or caring and if you expect them to be you will be sadly disappointed.  Remember always what an amazing light you are and keep shining!  The people who are meant to be in your life will find you!  Let the negative and toxic people go!  You will be much happier as a result!  

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