Practicing Mindfulness:  set the mood (quiet spot, no distractions, candles maybe soft music (no lyrics).  Have a pad of paper and pencil or pen handy.  Close your eyes and get comfortable.  Imagine that you are sitting on a park bench and it is a beautiful warm sunny day with fluffy clouds in the sky.  Sit there and watch the clouds float by.  On those clouds notice your thoughts.  Pay attention to your thoughts, try not to control them just look at them, as an observer.  Do this for one minute to start and as soon as you finish write them down.  This is practicing mindfulness. You are paying attention to your thoughts.  Notice that they are only thoughts and they only have power if you give them power.  Notice how they make you feel.  Do some deep breathing focus only on your breath and meditate on one positive thought ie I am worthy.  This helps to change negative thoughts into positive which will in turn improve your mood and behaviour.  

Call for a private or small group mindfulness/meditation session :) 

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