Horses That Heal

I am absolutely amazed at the results of Equine Therapy.  I have completed our first 10 sessions with our first client in this fabulous program.  Equine Assisted Psychotherapy Program For Children and Youth, in North Augusta, Ontario, a 30 minute drive from the Johnstown Bridge at the US/Cnd border, the 1000 Islands and Kemptville, Ontario.  Sacred Acres is where 3 Miniature Horses are healing children and youth and their families.  This particular client was autistic and didn't like to talk but by the 7th session we couldn't shut her up!  The horses are the best counsellors as they will mirror your life giving you insight into your issues helping you to better cope!  

There is no horseback riding involved as it is all based on horse behaviour!  The Equine Specialist and the Mental Health Specialist are both watching and will provide feedback regarding the horses behaviour.  You really have to try it for yourself to experience the magic of this therapy!

Covered by extended health benefits and claimable as a medical expense!  Contact us today to set up your appointment!  Children, Youth and their families are welcome as well as individuals!

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