Family Secrets....

See the picture of a family, not just any family but a super weird one.  The man is Aurthur Hunt my Grandfather on my father’s side who died in 1962 before I was born.  He is pictured with his family but my dad and his 3 siblings are not there this is his OTHER family his SECRET family who lived on the other side of the Detroit River in Michigan.  What makes it even more creepy is, he named his kids the same names.  2 boys and 2 girls 2 families in 2 different countries with 2 different women all a big secret.  I found this picture among old family photos my older cousin gave me when he was downsizing. How did he manage this...Art, Marion, Ida and Ron/John. My Dad was named Ronald by his mother but his father called him John.  They didn’t agree on his name but she won as she filled out the paper work not he.  She dared to defy him my grandmother Kathleen from Ireland, good for her!  He sounds like a scum of a man to me! They never met their half siblings as their exhistence was only whispered about over the decades.  One of my cousins is set out to find them.  Most are probably dead but they perhaps had some children of their own?

Family secrets come out eventually and it is so much more helpful to not keep secrets in the first place.  We are human and we make mistakes but keeping secrets can only bring more heartache.  I don’t understand how he could have lived such a double life, my grandfather.  I don’t think that he was a man of good character from what I have heard about him.  I hope I am nothing like him!  Family secrets indeed, do you have some?  

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