Being a part of a community is a cornerstone of a well balanced life.  Sometimes people have been so hurt by family and friends that they don’t want to be a part of the human race anymore.  That leads to loneliness which leads to addiction and depression.   We are not meant to live like that.  Using animals as a way to develop trust and community is a step in the right direction and we have three miniature horses, Ruby, Emerald and Opal, a great pyranees dog named Chloe  and a cat named Molly.  This is our homebased small business.  We are not a non-profit.  We are a For Profit organization for the more we profit, the more we can hire Disabled and Marginalized People which is our mandate.  

Laurie is available for booking individual, couples and family counselling sessions at the Manotick Natural Market in Manotick, Ontario.  Play Therapy is offered in conjunction with Family Therapy as well as individual counselling.    Held in the quaint community South of Ottawa.  

  • Send Me An Angel The Rock Opera is a way of combining all of the arts, music, drama, art, writing, dance, design, directing and producing into one amazing production put on by the very people working with Sacred Acres, the clients, volunteers and friends.  We are eternally grateful to those who have gone on before us due to serious mental illness.  Terry Mathurin, Michael Ziraldo, Chuck Stewart, Bob Carroll,  and Rochelle Graham are now the angels in heaven who are working tirelessly to move Send Me An Angel forward into 2017.  The release of Send Me An Angel is in dedication and in memory to them and their lives.  I look forward to meeting them all again one day.  
    Sacred Acres is a proud sponsor of the Ladies Who Lunch Ottawa’s Annual Christmas Hamper and Homeless Outreach Programs.
The more your give, the more you receive, it is a spiritual principal that even God Himself cannot change.

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